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 Dan Brown's Fabulous Early Baseball Equipment and Memorabilia Collection

Turn of the Century Spalding Spiderman Style Catcher Mask with large Bead weld.

Beautiful Circa 1930 Canadian Spalding Red and Blue Stitched Official National League Baseball

Circa 1880's Figure Eight Style Leather Baseball

A Trio of 19th Century and Turn of the Century Baseball Broadsides.

Beautiful Display of Numerous Early Baseball Gloves, Baseballs, Catcher Masks and Equipment, and early Baseball Mannequin display

Early Vice for Hand sewing Baseballs, with other early baseball equipment and memorabilia in the background.

1927 Red and Green Stitch Baseball from a Little World Series game between the Toledo MudHens and Buffalo Bisons.  Casey Stengle was the coach of the Toledo squad.

Mint Red and Green Stitch Partridge Brand Baseball with Original Box.

Belknap Brand Baseball Sealed in Original Box

Very nice Early Catcher Display, with full baseball uniform, Catcher Mask, and chest protector.

Attractive Bat Rack Display with many early bats displayed.

Mannequin Display consisting of circa 1890's Spalding Quilted Baseball Pants, an early Sports Sweater, a very nice early baseball cap, and early fiber catcher shin pads.

Circa 1870's Flat Ended Baseball Bat with interesting round bulbous knob.

Early Spalding Brand Mushroom Handled Baseball Bat

Reach Brand Burley Decal Bat

Trio of early Baseball Woodcuts 

Circa 1920 Rochester Baseball Broadside

Framed Spalding Advertising Display 

Antique Draper & Maynard Baseball bat with bold Lucky Dog logo.

Circa 1920's Montgomery and Ward Baseball Bat. 

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