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 Stunning 19th century and early 20th Century Early Baseball and Ivy League Collection

Stunning Display featuring an early full Princeton University baseball uniform, a crescent pad workman glove, an Excelsior baseball parade belt, a beautiful Major League Baseball board game, a 1912 Penn versus Columbia Painted Trophy Baseball and other great items.

Beautiful Circa 1900 Yale University Pillbox style baseball cap

Amazing display featuring an early full Harvard Baseball uniform, a Crescent pad Leather Tipped Workman Style Glove, a Spalding Workman Style glove, and a 19th century Catcher's Mask.

Rare 19th century Boater Style Baseball Cap.

Great display of Princeton Baseball relics including full uniform and early photos.

1914 Boater Style Cap.

Circa 1880 Yale Football Team Photograph with Captain Walter Camp holding a melon football in the center of the middle row.

Beautiful Circa 1870's Baseball Shoes.

Circa 1880's Baseball Team Photograph with players wearing Boater Style Caps.

Stunning 1863 Lone Star Base Ball Club Trophy Baseball Bat

Circa 1924 Harvard Full Baseball Uniform

Great early straight tapered Baseball Bat with twine grip.

Circa 1867 Trophy Baseball Bat.

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