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Baseball Antiques
that have appeared on AntiqueSportsShop.com in the past

Outstanding circa 1860's Lemon Peel Baseball.  This beautiful ball is made from one piece of leather, and has completely intact stitching.  The leather has a great look, and is still soft and supple.  The circumference of this early relic is 7.5 inches.

Circa 1900 Spalding Workman-style full web white leather baseball glove.  This great looking glove is in fantastic condition and features a bright red Spalding tag.  I call this a workman style, because although it has a full web, it is noticeably sparse in its padding,

Circa 1911 to 1913 Spalding full uniform including jersey and pants. 

Beautifully painted 1898 Lafayette versus Lehigh Trophy Figure Eight Baseball.

Beautiful Circa 1910 Spalding King of the Diamond Model Baseball.  This beauty is creamy white in color, with tight orange colored stitching. 

Turn of the Century Spalding Brand Crescent padded Catcher's Mitt. 

Turn of the Century short-billed baseball cap.  This great looking early hat is a creme colo with green decorative pin striping.

 1910 Univ. of Vermont vs Holy Cross Painted Trophy Figure 8 Style baseball. 

Circa 1880 Yale Baseball team in dress clothes albumen photograph with a young Walter Camp included.

1909 Univ. of Vermont vs Massachusetts State Painted Trophy Figure 8 Style baseball. 

Circa 1870's Figure Eight style leather baseball.  The circumference of this beauty is 7 3/4 inches,  and it is a fairly heavy ball for it's size weighing 4.3 ounces.  Great looking early figure 8 ball, with an unsually small sweet spot as compared to modern balls. 

Circa 1920's Draper & Maynard Red and Green Stitch Official League Ball Baseball.  The great looking ball features the classic D&M dog logo. 

Beautiful Miniature Reach Model White Leather Baseball Glove Given as a Souvenir to attendees of the Testimonial Dinner held in 1910 to celebrate the Philadelphia Athletics winning the World Series.  The glove measures 5 inches by 5 inches, has very soft supple white leather, and retains its original pearl-looking button.  The palm of the glove retains very bold stamping which reads: "Testimonial Dinner to World's Champions October 27th, 1910.  American Base Ball Club of Philad'a"  Following the text is a Reach logo. 

1880's Shibe Sporting Goods Co. ROCKET model Smaller Sized Figure Eight style baseball.  This rare Shibe ball measures 8 inches in circumference, and its red stitching is in great shape.   This great baseball has a baseball diamond logo, with SHIBE within the diamond.  It also has ROCKET faintly imprinted on the sweet spot.  This Shibe baseball was made my Ben Shibe's sporting goods company, before his association with the AJ Reach company, and before his purchase of the Philadelphia Athletics in 1901.  This is the first sports piece I have ever come across from Shibe's sporting goods company.  What a great relic, with an interesting connection to the Shibe family and the Philadelphia Athletics.

Circa 1880's Well made FIgure Eight style leather baseball.  The circumference of this beauty is 7 1/2 inches, and it is in outstanding condition, with completely intact stitching.  The stitching has a very high quality look, and this is likely a professionally made figure eight.  The leather has a great patina, and displays beautifully. 

Circa 1910 Spalding Button Front Baseball Cap.  This attractive cap is mustard yellow and features an F on the front.  It has a button snap on the front area, and has a large button on top.  The cap is in beautiful condition, with the only flaw being that while all present, some of the leather band is loose in the interior.  The band features a Spalding tag that dates from the 1907 to 1913 time frame.  Great looking early cap.

Larger sized 1860's era Professionally made Lemon Peel Baseball. This ball is approaching the standard size of modern baseballs, with a circumference of 8.25 inches. This is the largest lemon peel I have ever handled. It has a very high quality, mostly hidden stitching that makes me believe this ball was professionally made. The ball does have a large split in the seam in one area, and a much smaller seperation in a 2nd area. The quality of this ball is also demonstrated by the fact that this ball is made with 2 layers of leather covering (noticeable at the split seam). Great early lemon peel with an outstanding look.

Circa 1860's to 1870's Bib Front Lightweight wool Baseball Sweater.  This sweater has a beautiful red color, and features a bib front with all of its original mother of pearl style buttons still in place.  This style of sweater was worn by both baseball players and fire fighters during the mid 19th century, but this sweater was purchased with an early hybrid style lemon peel baseball.  There is no way to say for certain however if its original use was for baseball or firefighting.  These bib front sweaters are nearly impossible to find, and this one has an outstanding look.

Circa 1890's Spalding Decker Patent Crescent Padded Catcher's Mitt.

Circa 1911 to 1913 Spalding Cadet Collar Baseball jersey that originated from a Bridgeton NJ estate.  This jersey has nice pin striping, and features a diamond shaped B logo applied to the left shoulder area.  A very attractive early Spalding jersey.

Turn of the Century Reach brand Reeded Apron-style Catcher's Chest Protector.  This chest protector has wooden reeds sewn into the canvas padding, and features a Reach tag on its interior.

Circa 1890's Spalding Axletree No O.X. Ring Bat.  This great looking early Spalding bat measures 34 inches and features a bold Spalding trademark and Axletree marking.  The color of the rings has faded but a small ring, and then a large band at the end of the barrel are easily noted. 

Circa 1910-1915 Harry Davis Louisville Slugger 14 inch mini Decal Bat.  This bat is in beautiful condition, with approximately 90% of the decal present.  The decal is the rarer vertical style, and has very vibrant colors.

Circa 1900 Pneumatico Brand Baseball Bat.  This bat was patented as a hollow air filled bat (as seen by the xray above with a normal bat on the bottom of the xray), and was a short lived experiment.

Circa 1910 to 1920 Marathon Professional Model Power Shot Baseball Bat. 

Circa 1930's House of David Horace Partridge brand pinstriped baseball uniform.  This uniform has been confirmed by the House of David museum of Benton Harbor Michigan as being a 1935 House of David West Coast barnstorming team uniform.  To quote the museum director, the west coast traveling team "featured some of the roughest, toughest players ever from the H of D" 

1910 World Series Philadelphia Athletics Souvenir Program. 

Circa 1910 Large Sized Pillow Style Spalding Catcher's Mitt with reinforced palm area.

Circa 1870's Beautiful Small Stitched Figure Eight Style Baseball. 

1861 Dated Flat end straight taper baseball bat with Appleton Wisconsin Stenciling.  Monster sized bat!

1897 Princeton versus Brown Painted Figure Eight Style Trophy Baseball. 

Circa 1910 Goldsmith Brand New York Club Model Baseball. 

1931 House of David Painted Trophy Baseball.

Circa 1910 Horace Partridge Full Web Baseball glove.

Circa 1910-1915 Honus Wagner Louisville Slugger 14 inch mini Decal Bat.  This bat is in beautiful condition, with approximately 90% of the decal present.  The decal features Honus Wagner's face inside a brightly colored Louisville Slugger logo, with his facsimile signature below. 

Circa 1900 Yale University Baseball Beanie Style Cap made by Spalding.

1890's Standard Professional Model Ring Bat.
This is a very solid bat with a thick handle, and it measures just under 35 inches long.  The bat has a large faded but still legible circular STANDARD logo with No. 3 below it.  The logo then has 2 black rings flanking it on each side.  This beauty also has Professional printed further down the barrel, and the end of the barrel has a lathe mark present. 

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