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 Football Antiques
that AntiqueSportsShop.com has handled in the past.

Circa 1900 Spalding No. 50 Football Head Harness.

Circa 1890's Laceup Smock Jacket style Football uniform with accompanying quilted football pants. 

1904 Yale University Turtleneck Football Sweater with Accompanying and Matching 1904 Cap.

Circa 1900 Yale University Turtleneck Football Sweater made by Spalding.

Beautiful 1920's Spalding Scarce Friction Strip Style Football Wool Jersey. 

1890's Smock Football Vest with built in shoulder pads and matching quilted football pants.

Amazing Turn of the Century Reach / Morrill Nose Guard with removable mouthpiece and Scarce original box! 

Beautiful 1907 Spalding Trophy Melon Shaped Football; decorated with the score of a St Marks School verus Milton Academy football game.

Circa 1900-10 Draper and Maynard Two Toned Flat Top Style Football Head Harness. 

Circa 1900 to 1910 A J Reach Eight Spoke Strap Football Head Harness.  Features a large embossed Reach logo on the crown of the helmet.

Circa 1900 Yale University Football Beanie Cap  with YU FB embroidery made by Spalding.

Presented here is an outstanding Football fob made from coal awarded by the Pottsville Maroons Football team in 1928 to their great running back Tony Latone.

Amazing Circa 1910 Beehive Style Rain Cap Football Head Harness. 

Stunning 1928 Navy versus Penn Presentation Trophy Game Football with custom made presentation display stand.   

Very Rare Princeton Style Brown Leather Football Head Harness. 

1906 Carlisle Indians versus Harvard University Football Program. 

Large Panoramic Photograph of the 1924 Pottsville Maroons and their huge fanbase in the stands of an Atlantic City Football Stadium. 

Circa 1930 Darthmouth University Friction Strip Style Football Jersey by Spalding.

1933 Princeton University Painted Trophy Football. 

Turn of the Century Reach Melon Football - Rugby Match model.  T

Stunning Massive 1902 Yale University Composite Photographic Display including large photographs of the 1902 Yale, Harvard and Princeton teams, and individual photographs of the Yale team.

1930's Ken Wel US Army Special Services Pebbly Leather style football.

Outstanding 1927 Pitt vs Penn Statue Trophy Spalding J5 Football.  This beauty is a rare 6 lace style Spalding model J5, a one year style only produced in 1926.  The football has the year 1927 written on it in black ink, as well as a game score Pitt 30, Penn State 0. 

1907 Carlisle Indians versus Harvard Football Ticket Stub.  This ticket is from Jim Thorpe's first year on the Carlisle Indians football team.  

Early 1890's McLoughlin Brosthers Yale and Princeton Football Board Game with beautiful lithographic cover

Beautiful Circa 1915 Princeton Style Football Head Harness - Used by USC player. 

Circa 1916 to 1920 Thos E Wilson Brand Flattop. 

Turn of the Century Quilted Football Pants. 

Circa 1910 era Spalding Quilted and Reeded Football Pants. 

1910 Carlisle Indians versus Brown University Football Program. 
1920's Goldsmith FXV model Intercollegiate Melon Shaped Metal Valve style Football. 

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